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Trustiva (Emtricitabine 200mg, Tenofovir 300mg, Efavirenz 600mg) generic Atripla

Brand: Hetero
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Trustiva generic Atripla (Emtricitabine 200mg, Tenofovir 300mg, Efavirenz 600mg) buy at a profitable price in India

Trustiva is a combined three-component preparation intended for the treatment of HIV infection in adults with the regimen of taking “one tablet once a day”.

Trustiva is the first combined three-component drug intended for the treatment of HIV infection in adults. It is available in tablet form and has a convenient regimen of taking “one tablet once a day,” which greatly simplifies the treatment of HIV-positive people. In India, the drug was registered in 2012.

The most common adverse reactions in the drug are diarrhea, nausea, headache, dizziness, depression, and insomnia. Most often, side effects are associated with efavirenz, which is part of the drug.

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