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Lamipure-150 (Lamivudine 150mg)

Brand: Aprazer
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Lamipure-150 (Lamivudine 150mg) buy at profitable price in India

Lamipure-150 is available as an oral tablet and is coated with a coating that dissolves in the intestine. Each tablet contains 150 mg of lamivudine. Intended for use in antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection.

Lamivudine is highly capable of inhibiting the replication of the HIV virus in cells. Lamivudine is metabolized by cellular kinases to 5-triphosphates (TF). Lamivudine is a reverse transcriptase inhibitor of the HIV virus. Its antiviral activity is based on the ability to be introduced in the form of monophosphate in the DNA chain of the virus, as a result of which its replication is inhibited.

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