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Hetgra (Dolutegravir 50mg) generic Tivicay

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Hetgra (Dolutegravir 50mg) generic Tivicay buy at a profitable price in India

Hetgra Dolutegravir is an FDA approved drug (FDA - U.S. Food and Drug Administration). Hetgra is used to treat HIV infection in adult patients as part of combination therapy. Dolutegravir, being an integrase inhibitor, blocks this enzyme, prevents HIV replication and reduces the HIV viral load.

  • When using Hetgra Dolutegravir, the best viral suppression properties are achieved for the first time beginners of therapy.
  • Comparison of first-line therapy based on Hetgra Dolutegravir with drugs based on Efavirenz showed the best properties of Hetgra-based regimens.


Store in a cool, dry place at a temperature not exceeding 30° C. Keep out of the reach of children.

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Максим 25.10.2019, 07:52
Я принимаю уже несколько месяцев и всё отлично!
Администратор 04.03.2020, 04:42
Максим, спасибо за ваш отзыв
Vesnaa13 15.07.2019, 13:28
Кто-то пьет? Есть отзывы ?
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Результаты экспертизы Hetgra, инициированные представителями Heet Healthcare и официальное заявление компании