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Danavir 600 (Darunavir 600mg) Prezista generic

Brand: Hetero
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Danavir 600 is an antiviral drug intended for the treatment of HIV infection in adult patients (in combination with low–dose ritonavir and other antiretroviral drugs). Manufacturer - Hetero Labs Ltd, India. The active substance is Darunavir.

Darunavir is a type 1 HIV protease inhibitor (HIV-1). The drug selectively inhibits the cleavage of Gag — Pol HIV polyproteins in virus-infected cells, preventing the formation of full-fledged viral particles. Darunavir binds strongly to the HIV-1 protease, is resistant to mutations that cause resistance to protease inhibitors. Darunavir does not inhibit any of the 13 human cellular proteases studied.

  • Darunavir 600mg
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